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Lantern Roof

The purpose designed aluminium lantern roof system is discreet yet stylish. It allows light to flood into your home’s interior, the ideal modern lantern solution, coupling sleek contemporary looks with truly outstanding performance. Designed from the ground up around an innovative thermally broken system, it provides excellent thermal performance - keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter - while delivering the architectual refinement you’d expect of a high end aluminium lantern system.

Whether you are building a new kitchen-diner extension or replacing an existing lantern roof, our lanterns will help redefine your home, creating light and airy spaces for you to enjoy.

  • Great architectual designs that compliment a modern home
  • Improved heat efficiency and maintenance free
  • Lamited glass for additional safety

We offer free consultation to help you make a decision with the best creativity and quality that you deserve.
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Lantern roof (stratus)

Energy Efficient

Choosing the right type of roof light can make your home more energy efficient and reduce heating costs. All our lantern roof's are made from thermally broken aluminium which give the highest levels of insulation a lantern can acheive.

Acoustic Performance

Our Lantern roof's come with both toughened and laminated glazing. The thin sheet of plastic sandwiched between 2 pieces of glass has great acoustic properties which leave the outside noise seperate.

Quality & Performance

As well as meeting the highest Energy Saving Standards, all our systems have been tested in accordance with and meet the highest requirements of BS7412 for the standard of a manufactured lantern..

Enhanced Security

All our lanterns are tested to the highest security standard giving you an added level of security to your home and family. Laminate glazing can also be used incase any accidents occur all glass will remain intact. 

Weather Performance

Independently tested our lanterns achieve the highest BSI ratings for wind, water and air, protecting your home from the elements. Our lanterns also come with blue active self cleaning glass.

A Energy Efficiency Rating

Our lantern are thermally broken giving amazing insulation values keeping your home warm.

Noise Reduction

Relax in your space with laminate glass to reduce upto 65% of the outside noise.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Timber require annual maintenance to ensure they are kept looking good. Our lanterns are all aluminium which means they are maintenance free.

Enhanced Security

Our lanterns come with toughened glass which gives you an added level of security to your home and family.

Weather Performance

Independently tested, our lanterns achieve the highest BSI ratings for wind, water and air. Protecting your home from elements.

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