Patio Doors

At Euro's Best Profiles we maufacture sliding doors that are perfect for modern living, combining superior design and engineering to bring outstanding versatility and create a feeling of openness in any home.

Our sliding doors offer slim sightlines with maximum glass area, adding light and freedom. It is the perfect choice for conservatories, balconies, porches or extensions.

They offer all the benefits of modern uPVC including noise reduction, low maintenance, energy efficiency and security.

  • Great views with big glass panes.
  • Easy sliding on stainless steel wheels
  • Anti-lift sytems added for extra security.

We offer free consultation to help you make a decision with the best creativity and quality that you deserve.
Our sales team are here to help. Just call 020 8478 8833


Sliding doors (Rehau)


Patio door aluminium (aluk)

Energy Efficient

Choosing the right replacement door can make your home more energy efficient and reduce heating costs. All our doors comply with the latest regulations and all hardware used is insurance approved. UPVC doors are great value for money and can also be sustainably recycled.

Aluminium door

Our sliding doors also come in Aluminium. They come with all the great features as UPVC doors but with the increased stength that the high grade aluminium provides.

Quality & Performance

As well as meeting the highest Energy Saving Standards, our doors have been tested in accordance with and meet the highest requirements of BS7412 for the standard of a manufactured door..

Enhanced Security

All our doors are tested to the highest security standard giving you an added level of security to your home and family.

Weather Performance

Independently tested our doors achieve the highest BSI ratings for wind, water and air, protecting your home from the elements.

A Energy Efficiency Rating

Choosing our doors helps your home to become more efficient and save money on your heating bills.

Noise Reduction

Our UPVC doors come with double lipped gaskets which offer exceptional noise reduction

Virtually Maintenance Free

Timber doors require annual maintenance to ensure they are kept looking good - with our doors you can spend more time with your family

Enhanced Security

Multi point locks and tamper proof cylinders which gives you an added level of security to your home and family.

Weather Performance

Independently tested, our doors achieves the highest BSI ratings for wind, water and air. Protecting your home from elements.

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